RelayServices is a privately held Colorado corporation that provides a range of strategic & support services in the fast-paced world of ICT technology, regulation, & standards. Our services range from architecture & design of physical ICT networks that support our clients, to contributing the needed work to define, develop, or use, emerging wireless technologies.

Our knowledge of various communications & interoperability Standards across a number of SDO's (Standards Defining Organizations) enable your company to come up to speed quickly on developing and integrating a new or existing wireless technology into your products or services.

RelayServices also provides consulting for those pursuing the development of International Standards by helping to create & refine regulatory & policy positions that International Standards can often require. Independent direct research, analysis & strategic product development & positioning are also offered.

Contact us to see how your organization can benefit from our strategic & focused approach to creating value for your company's products or services.

Please note that, as we are currently re-working our website, you should check back again at a later date for further information.. or, should you need to contact us or have any questions we can answer, please feel free to call our offices at 877-569-5069, or email us at:

RelayServices . 4450 Arapahoe Ave, Suite 100 . Boulder, Colorado 80303 USA
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